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Newland School for Girls is a diverse, highly aspirational and high achieving school.  We are rightly proud of being all-girls serving and educating Hull for over 100 years.  We offer a unique educational experience in the city.  We promote traditional values of respect, caring for each other and self-discipline, while celebrating the school’s diverse talents, abilities and cultures. Our students meet and work together in a well-ordered, harmonious and happy community drawn from all cultures and backgrounds across the city. We place a high value on care and nurture to enable all our students to make rapid academic progress and grow into caring and responsible young adults. Our students have a keen appreciation of moral values, a lively sense of purpose and a justified pride in themselves.  They value highly the support they receive from teachers, that challenge they receive in lessons and tolerance and respect they have in their school community.

We encourage every student to have high aspirations and the ambition to succeed. Newland School for Girls is recognised as the one of the highest achieving schools in Yorkshire in 2018, placed in the 10% of schools in Hull and place 12th out of similar schools nationally.  We are the first choice for girls education in Hull and a sensible choice for any parent wanting their daughter to fully achieve her potential.

Newland School for Girls is a lovely school to work and learn in. Excellent standards of dress and behaviour are expected of all our students, and we insist on respectful behaviour and good manners. A broad and balanced experience is a big priority at Newland and so students are encouraged to take part in a variety of activities. Our extra-curricular options offer a wide range of new opportunities outside of the curriculum, together with a strong student leadership programme, all our students are strongly encouraged to play a full part in the life of the school.

We have high levels of attendance and punctuality. Our students are successful, personable and motivated to learn.   In our most recent OFSTED inspection in 2014, behaviour in the school was judged to be good with the inspectors noting “Students’ good behaviour and highly positive attitudes to learning are underpinned by good promotion of spiritual, moral, social and cultural education.”

Vicky Callaghan


5 Year Improvement

Progress 8, Attainment 8 and 4+ and 5+ attainment in Maths and English continued to strongly improve in 2018, ensuring a five year improvement trend.


The attainment of students in their Best 8 subjects has increased year on year at Newland School for Girls.


There has been a continual increase in the progress made by our students over the last 5 years with another rapid increase seen in the progress made in 2018.



Pride, Aspire, Excellence


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