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Admissions Criteria Amendments Consultation for 2020/21

Admissions Criteria Amendments Consultation for 2020/21

The Governing Body wishes to make a change to its Admissions Policy that requires public consultation. The change would come into force in the Admissions Policy for the 2020/21 school year and would therefore affect applications for entry in September 2019 and subsequent years.

There is no change to our policy for the 2018 admissions round which is currently in progress.

Our consultation period is between 19th December 2018 and 31st January 2019. You are invited to provide your views and comments on any aspect of the proposed school admission arrangements.

We are proposing the following amendments in our over-subscription criteria:

  1. Under criterion 1 we are adding that this includes children who have been looked after pupils in other countries and then been adopted.
  2. Under criterion 3 we are changing from the Local Authority software to a specialised computer mapping software for distance called “Basemap”. This takes the X and Y coordinates of the property address and calculates the distance to Newland School precisely

A copy of the proposed Admissions Policy is attached, with the amendments highlighted for your consideration during the consultation period.

All responses must be made in writing and a Consultation Response form is available below. Please return any comments to Mrs Harrison – YHCLT Admissions C/o Newland School for Girls.

The closing date for the consultation is 31st January 2019.

Responses will be considered by the Governing Body and any changes they agree, if any, will be determined by no later than 7th February 2019. Once determined the final admission arrangements will be published on the school website and the Hull City Council website

Newland Consultation Response Form

Newland Admission Policy 2020.21