About Us

School Priorities


To retain the consistency of high quality teaching to enable outcomes & progress to be consistently high & positive for all prior attainment & key groups



Measures of Success

9 in 10 predictions accurate;

100% observations IMPACTING & 85% EMBEDDING;

100% Work scrutiny EMBEDDING;

100% compliance with Marking for Literacy in work scrutiny;

1 topic/term collaboratively planned.

100% Y10&Y11 full examination papers are moderated

1. To secure  the accuracy of predictions across all subjects
2. To embed outstanding lessons created by collaborative planning
3. To develop literate learners capable of accessing highest tier grades


To ensure positive outcomes for all key, underperforming groups


Measures of Success

Progress 8 all +0.5; PP +0.3

4+ EM 80%, 5+ 60%, 7+ 20%.

HA 7+EM  60%; HA 7+ in 9 subjects 50%

1. To develop successful wave 3 interventions; whilst retaining and embedding the current wave 1 &2 interventions used
2. To strive to provide equality in outcomes for pupil premium students, through DI, PP first &  attendance lesson strategy
3. To ensure HA’s achieve their potential; strive for 9 & 7+x9


To develop resilient, confident and positive students


Measures of Success

100% observations IMPACTING & 85% EMBEDDING in period 4 lessons

Communication of Success Levels is visual in 100% lessons

100% EMBEDDING related to Purple Pen

100% average 40 N$G Rewards/lesson

Referrals for B3, Bullying & Racist Incidents are less than 3%, 1% & 1% respectively


1. To build confidence and resilience in all students through the period 4 programme, effectively communicating the measures of subject success at KS4 and effective marking feedback response
2. To ensure all student develop knowledge of tolerance, respect, liberty, democracy & the rule of law across all subjects and period 4.


To ensure consistency of leadership at senior and middle levels to make monitoring effective and increase participation of parents

Measures of Success School targets are achieved

25+ Parents Involved in Parent Forum

Newland Times launched

80%+ of staff indicate their well-being is listened to

1. Monitoring of all middle and senior leaders is consistent for Meet & Greet, Behaviour, Rewards, Work Scrutiny, Targeted Student Planning, Accuracy of Predictions & subject attendance policy
2. To listen to staff wrt their well-being at work
3. To succeed in engaging a wider range of parents in the life of the school


To strive to achieve outstanding behaviour and attitudes by having a safe, calm, orderly and positive environment for all at all times


Measures of Success

Low level disruption is B3 <3% of lessons disturbed.

100% reward 40 points/lesson

Attendance 96%; PA reduced by 10%

100% students have less than 3 lates per week

1. To work together as a staff body to develop strong and consistent routines and lesson plans which will create a positive learning environment
2. To raise the profile of the importance of attendance for all students and to reduce PA by working with focus groups
3. To ensure a prompt start to lesson by fulfilling your duty expectation and meet & greet on the corridor