Business Studies

Our Vision

To enable our students to understand how everything in life revolves around business. We aim to give them a valuable insight into the business world of work in an interesting and realistic way.

In year 9

  • Students will investigate different types of businesses in action. They will look at a series of business contexts to help them develop their knowledge and understanding of how businesses operate in today’s world.
  • Students will investigate the different types of business ownership and look at the different activities businesses can be involved in and what makes someone want to start their own business.
  • They will need to consider the different types of functional areas that exist in any business and will learn about why businesses survive or fail.

In year 10

  • Students will investigate the aims and objectives of businesses and why these are important.
  • Businesses also have a number of stakeholders and Students will identify their particular interests in a business, looking at how they can influence a business and how it operates.
  • A key resource for any business is the people they employ. Students will investigate the dynamic relationship which exists between employer and employee, and how operating in enterprising ways can bring real benefits to businesses.
  • Businesses are influenced by the uncertain environment in which they operate. Students will explore more fully the relationship between risk and reward that any aspiring business must consider, and look at how businesses operate and act with regard to the external environment. Students will need to investigate the impact of economic conditions on business practice.

In year 11

  • Students will develop knowledge and understanding of the importance of customer needs and competitors. They will consider the actions that businesses take in order to identify and respond to the needs of certain target markets and the actions of competitors.
  • Students will understand the role of research in identifying the needs of target markets and the features of the market within which a business operates.
  • Students will understand the marketing mix and how parts of the mix can be combined to enable a business to respond to the needs of its target market and gain a competitive advantage over its rivals.
  • They will develop skills in designing and conducting market research and then, using the information collected, suggest ideas for how the business could better meet the needs of its target market and be more successful than its competitors.
  • Students will produce an item of promotional material.

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Homework is set weekly and is based on the topic of study.  Homework can take the form of research around a given topic, exam and case study questions or revision for end of topic assessments.


If you wish to find out more about the curriculum your daughter is studying, please contact Mrs Batty.