Media Studies

Our Vision

To give our students the chance to study a range of different media and the opportunity to develop their own media products whilst learning about real media products and industries

In year 9

  • Analyse the front cover or front page of two magazines or two comics or two newspapers. Understand how the covers/pages engage the interest of their audience?
  • Design their own cover for one edition of a magazine or comic, the publication will be aimed at a specific audience
  • Analyse the DVD covers for two films or television programmes.
  • Discuss how each cover engages the interest of its audience.
  • Design an original DVD cover for a film or television programme, targeted at a specific audience.

In year 10

  • Students will study a particular topic across two media forms.
  • They will learn about key concepts of Representation and Institutions
  • Students will study one media topic from some of the following examples:
    • Moving image production
    • Production of music
    • News
    • Print media
    • Advertising and marketing
    • Promotion of gaming

In year 11

  • Students will create a practical production from conception to realisation, together with an evaluation. They can choose to create their media production from the following:
    • A trailer or opening sequence of approximately two minutes duration for a feature film or television programme aimed at a specific audience.
    • An advertising campaign realised as either three 30-second television or three 30-second radio advertisements or three full page magazine or billboard advertisements (or a combination of any three).
    • A three minute music video to accompany all or part of a particular track or a promotional campaign for a band or artiste consisting of at least three print or web-based advertisements.

Useful Websites


Homework is set weekly and is based on the topic of study.  Homework can take the form of research around a given media topic, practical skill building such as photography and filming, exam and case study questions or revision for end of topic assessments.


If you wish to find out more about the curriculum your daughter is studying, please contact Mrs Batty.