Textiles, as a course within the Design and Technology department, is one of the highest achieving subjects here at Newland School for Girls. Students excel in the subject and GCSE results far exceed both NSG and National trends, with the majority of students achieving a minimum of a C grade.

It is a practical based subject which offers students the chance to design and make their own products. They develop practical skills and also learn the technical aspects of the subject. It offers a fabulous opportunity for students who are interested in a career in fashion or textiles. As this is the largest sector in UK business, from design through manufacturing and selling as well as many other avenues such as journalism and marketing, there are many career options available from taking this subject. Whether students wish to follow this career path or not, the course is both creative and practical and will develop life enhancing skills for any student. Students have the option to visit the Clothes Show and college fashion shows to expand their knowledge of career paths.

Selecting textiles as a Y9 option also offers the opportunity to study a diverse range of subjects, in order to have a full and balanced curriculum.

Y9 Technical Award in Fashion and Textiles

We have an exciting new course which will be examined for the first time with this cohort of students. There have been many changes to subjects offered at GCSE, and this course is an equivalent qualification as it carries the same weighting but will be graded as Pass/Merit/Distinction/Distinction*. The qualification is as robust as GCSE’s and will be assessed in 3 ways in Y11. – Unit 1 will be an externally assessed exam worth 40% of the total grade, Units 2 and 3 are internally assessed and are skills based. In Y9 students learn a range of decorative and construction techniques which help them to develop their own designs and patterns. They will build their skills by making a range of products throughout the year. They also study the theory of fibres and fabrics.

Y10 &11 – GCSE in Textiles Technology

Y10&11 students are studying for the above qualification. Y10’s are the last year that can take this exam. Both years have begun their controlled assessment coursework which will be graded for their GCSE final mark. This is an important component of the course as it is worth 60% of their total grade. The other 40% will be a written exam at the end of Y11. Students must answer an exam board set design brief (from a range of options) and must research, design, develop, make and evaluate a product of their own choosing. Students will be given a set of deadline dates to which they must adhere in order to complete the work in the allocated 45 hours set by the exam board. For the coursework, students must present an A3 folder covering the points above and a completed textiles product.


If you wish to find out more about the curriculum your daughter is studying, please contact Mrs Batty.