Fitness, Health and Well-being

Core PE

Our Vision

Is to provide an inclusive PE learning environment that provides sporting opportunities for all, both in curriculum time and as extra-curricular activities.

We aim to ensure that all students:

  • are fully engaged within their PE lessons through the roles of player, performer or official.
  • learn and refine skills, knowledge and tactics in all sporting activities.
  • understand the importance of physical activity and the benefits to a healthy active lifestyle.
  • develop personally, spiritually, morally, socially and culturally through playing sport, sports leadership and theory work.


Key stage 3 Core PE

Students in year 7,8 and 9 participate in a variety of sporting activities during their PE lessons such as; netball, health and fitness, trampolining, badminton, gymnastics, basketball, Outdoor Adventurous Activities, team games, rounder’s and athletics. A broader range of sports are available during extra-curricular opportunities such as; cricket, rugby, boxing, orienteering, and many more.

The PE curriculum covers the following core aspects:

  • Key skills and tactics
  • Specific technique
  • Outwitting opponents
  • Spatial awareness
  • Accurate replication
  • Identifying and solving problems
  • Exploring and communicating ideas, concepts and emotions.
  • Performing at maximum levels.
  • Exercising safely and effectively.


Key Stage 4 Core PE

Year 10 PE

Pupils in year 10 follow a ‘Planning For Sports Festival’ programme, whereby they learn skills needed to lead Primary school festivals. In preparation the girls plan and lead their own warm up games and deliver to their peers, gaining confidence, skills and experience. Once these skills have developed they lead their own sports activity sessions to their peers and to year 7 pupils before delivering to Primary children across the City of Hull.

Year 11 Core PE

Year 11 pupils follow the ‘Sport Education’ programme, whereby they choose sporting activities on an optional basis. They compete in their own choice teams with their friends to encourage and maximise participation. The girls earn points on key areas such as; punctuality, correct  kit, fair play, game success, skill, fitness levels and effort.

Pupils are encouraged to take up leadership roles if they are injured and participate by completing peer assessment, their PE kit is always required.