Health and Social Care (Tech Award)

What is it about?

Key aspects of this course will include the following:

Human lifespan development, Health and Social care services and values and Health and well-being.

What other skills will I develop?

Inspire and enthuse learners to consider a career in the health and social care or related sector.

  • Give learners the opportunity to gain a broad understanding and knowledge of, and
  • skills in, the health and social sector, e.g. an understanding of the different life stages that individuals go through.

How will I be assessed?

Running the course over three years will allow pupils not only to develop a sound knowledge base. BTECs are vocational qualifications allows pupils to investigate potential career paths through independent research and interaction with external agencies.

What is the course worth?

The Award qualification is equal to one GCSE

What could I study Post 16?

The course would support progression to a more specialised Level 3 vocational or academic health and social care course, an apprenticeship or more broadly, progression to qualifications in other sectors.

What possible careers could I have?

In the Early Years Sector working with children. such as a nursery nurse or a teacher. In the Health Sector working with people of all ages such as a midwife, doctor or in the Social Care Sector as a social worker or as a care worker.

What the pupils say.

 “I have thoroughly enjoyed the content of this course and I’m looking forward to following a similar career path, hoping to study the subject at Level 3 at College.”


Health and Social Specification