French & German

Our Vision

To enable our students to appreciate the world in which we live. To develop communication skills both in speaking and writing as well as develop empathy for others’ beliefs and opinions.

At Key stage 3

At Key Stage 3 MFL covers the themes of School, Family, Hobbies, Local Environment, Holidays and Health.  In all topic areas listening, writing, reading and speaking skills are developed.  We also aim to develop key skills in grammar which are built on in Key Stage 4

Year 7 Personal Details, the Wider Family, School, Free time, the local Area

Year 8 Health, Hobbies, Fashion and Holidays & Weather

At Key stage 4

Year 9: WJEC MFL Students in Year 9 will build core grammatical skills as well as studying the themes of Fairtrade whilst developing thinking skills, School Life whilst developing empathy for the opinions of others. Students will also engage in longer writing activities to prepare them for the writing exam in Year 11.

Year 10: Topics studied in Year 10:  Free time, World of work, Holidays and the Environment. Within these topics students develop Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills as well as building on the grammatical concepts covered in year 9 and prepare for the final exams which will be taken in year 11 and the controlled assessments which make up the writing and speaking component of the assessment.

Year 11 Topics Studied in Year 11:  World of Work focusing specifically on work experience:  This provides the basis for one of the speaking and writing controlled assessment of the GCSE.

We then focus on revision and examination preparation.

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If you wish to find out more about the curriculum your daughter is studying, please contact Mr Ash.