Modern Foreign Languages


MFL – French and German, helps you explore a wide range of topics, from celebrations and festivals, through getting by as a tourist in France or Germany to international campaigns and events. You will learn about French or German culture through a range of interesting topics which will add to your understanding of the language and country.


At Key stage 3

MFL covers the themes of School, Family, Hobbies, Local Environment, Holidays and Health.  In all topic areas listening, writing, reading and speaking skills are developed.  We also aim to develop key skills in grammar which are built on in Key Stage 4

At Key stage 4

Year 10 & Year 11: Topics studied include:  Free time, World of work, Holidays and the Environment. Within these topics students develop Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills as well as building on the grammatical concepts covered in year 9 and prepare for the final exams which will be taken at the end of Year 11


  • Students will take four exams worth 25% each. You can take foundation or higher level, and you will be given a grade between 1 and 9, with 9 being the highest.



Listening and understanding in French


50 marks


Reading and understanding in French


50 marks


Writing in French 60 marks


Speaking in French


70 marks

This requires you to listen to recordings in French and answer questions on what you hear.

Some of these questions will be multiple-choice and some will need you to write short answers in English and French.

The reading section will give you texts to read and questions to answer. Some of these questions will be multiple-choice and some will need you to write short answers in English and French. Texts will be from French sources such as emails, magazines and books. You will also need to translate sentences or a short passage from French into English. In the foundation paper you will write about a photo, write a short passage and write a longer passage on one of a choice of two topics. In the higher paper you will write longer passages about two topics from a choice of four. At both levels there is also a translation exercise, from English into French. In this part of the exam you will do a short role play with the examiner and talk about a photo. You will also talk about two of the topics you have studied.





Students will receive regular homework that will include; vocabulary learning for classroom tests,  exam style questions in reading and writing along with speaking question preparation for the oral exam..

If you wish to find out more about the curriculum your daughter is studying, please contact Mrs Bentley.