Our Vision

To enable our students to appreciate the world in which we live – the Geography department aims to be dynamic and forward thinking, striving always to develop the full potential of students.

At Key stage 3

At Key Stage 3 Geography the students cover a range of geographical themes through the main continents of the world and develop geographical skills in each of the key areas in preparation for key stage 4.

Year 7 Europe (Map skills, Settlement, Microclimates) Africa (Geography of Disease, Squatter Settlements)

Year 8 North America (Flooding and River Features, Natural Hazards) South America (Ecosystems, Development and Climate)

Key stage 3 Homework

Homework will be provided on Doddle on a two weekly basis.  Additionally students , may also be asked to revise for assessment s and to complete some work in their exercise books when required.

At Key stage 4

Students will study the AQA GCSE Specification A 2016 across the three years they will cover a range of topics. These include; Population and Settlement, Rivers and Coasts, Globalisation, Hazards and sustainability.

At the end of the three years each student will sit 3 written exams determined by the exam board, one of which will be based on two pieces of fieldwork one human and one physical.

Useful Websites

Specification –

Key Stage 4 Homework

Homework’s will be provided in the form of a homework booklet on each key topic- these will have a range of exam question and revision activities.

If you wish to find out more about the curriculum your daughter is studying, please contact Mr Ash.