Our Vision

To enable our students to appreciate the world in which we live and develop an understanding of how the lives we live today were shaped by the actions of the past.

Key stage 3

At Key Stage 3 History covers British History from the Middle Ages to the present as well as looking at both non European and world history.  We also aim to develop key skills of analysis and evaluation of evidence.

Year 7 Tollund Man Britain 1066-1500 – The Middle Ages (550-1200) Tudor England

Year 8 The Stuarts and the Civil War Britain 1750-1900 – the Industrial Age The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Changing life in Britain through the 20th Century

Key stage 4 Edexcel History Students

Year 9 The units studied in Year 9 will build historical skills of analysis and interpretation by studying units on Jack The Ripper, The First World War and the Holocaust,

Year 10 Units studied in Year 10

Unit 1:  Medicine through Time. This is a study in development which looks at the changes made in medicine from Prehistoric times to the present.

Unit 2:  Nazi Germany (1918-45).  This is a study in depth and looks at the expansion of Nazi Germany and the subsequent conflict.

Year 11 Units Studied in Year 11

Unit 3:  History around Us:  This forms the controlled assessment of the GCSE.

We then focus on revision and examination preparation.

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