Our vision

To enable students to understand the viewpoints, practises and moral values of a range of different belief systems and to explore their own view on key issues such as the origins of the universe, the sanctity of life and the importance of key figures in religion.

Key stage 3

In Year Seven, students study Sikhism looking into practises such as wearing the 5Ks. They also study inspirational people from a variety of religions and consider how their religious views have influenced their actions. Finally, they study Islam in depth, looking into the five pillars and what it means to be a Muslim today.

In Year Eight students study Hinduism before moving onto analysing whether the existence of evil and suffering proves that God does not exist. Finally, they study Christianity in depth, learning about core Christian beliefs and how this influences believers’ behaviour and look at how Christians view key modern issues such as racism, different styles of worship and the place of music and art in Christian church services.

Key stage 4

At Key stage 4 the students are preparing for a terminal examinations at the end of year 11. All students will study the Edexcel – Religious studies specification.

In Year Nine, the students study a topic called Religion and Community cohesion which looks into the issues relating to the UK as a multi faith and multi ethnic society before moving onto studying Matters of Life and Death which questions the existence of an afterlife and the morality of issues such as euthanasia and abortion.

In Year Ten, students study Believing in God which covers the main arguments for and against the existence of God. They study Environmental and Medical ethics before looking into issues relating to Marriage and the Family such as divorce and contraception.

In Year Eleven, students study the Muslim and Christian viewpoints on issues such as war and bullying through the topic Peace and Conflict and issues relating to capital punishment and the effects of drugs through the topic Crime and Punishment.

Exam Specification


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