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Personal Development

“The end and the aim of all education is the development of character”- Francis Wayland Parker

Curriculum Intent

At Newland School for girls we provide an extensive wider curriculum focused on character development, our students follow an enriched personal development programme, a bespoke learning journey through from Y7 to Y11  tailored to ensure that our students become good citizens who will positively impact on the local and wider community.

British values are at the heart of our personal development programme and House system. We encourage tolerance and mutual respect at all times, as we aim to allow students to live peacefully together. We have a process of democracy where ever possible to give students a voice.  They freely make their own choices and understand the rewards or consequences of their own actions. Students learn the wider behaviours that are needed to  be successful in life and work, to understand what is right and wrong, to show compassion and understanding.

We have embedded an effective student-led leadership programme. We aim to ensure all students have the opportunity to use their leadership skills, which will enhance their confidence and show their talents. To develop character, students not only explore leadership skills through the P4 lessons, but variety of employability skills, including organisation, resilience, initiative and communication. They learn how to apply these skills in increasingly complex situations.

Through the personal development programme students are able to identify what a healthy relationships looks like, they can make informed choices in regards to safer sex and sexual health in later years. They have awareness regarding the risks that young people can be exposed to and understanding of how to effectively manage these situations. They can make well informed choices when it comes to their mental and physical well-being.

Personal development programme  fully informs of dangers and risks to their safety and security and ensures they have a range of strategies to deal  effectively with issues when they arise.

The House system allows students to feel that sense of community and belonging. Competition is the foundation of the House system; students are given opportunities to work as teams, to exploring their individual strengths that they can bring to their House; building resilience and independence.  We have a supportive environment which aims to ensure all students can flourish into well rounded and self-confident young people.  They will develop into confident leaders, show resilience in challenging situations and can work independently, using their initiative.

Through a carefully planned careers programme, students are well educated in the abundance of careers opportunities, they believe that they all can achieve greatness and have the motivation to be successful in whatever they set out to do.

The personal development programme is fully inclusive and all areas of the curriculum can be accessed by all students irrelevant of ability.  By the end of the 5 year journey, students at Newland School for Girls not only have the skills, but also the ambition to be successful and achieve greatness in all aspects of their own personal development.

Measurable Aims

  • To provide a range of learning experiences for students to their develop confidence, resilience and independence.
  • To provide regular opportunities to voice their opinions, debate and argue their point of view with their peers through social, political and current affairs- based stimulus
  • To provide opportunities for the students to explore and develop their key employability skills, demonstrating their readiness for the next transition in education
  • To regularly challenge the students self-awareness, so that students are able to articulate their strengths and areas for development across the Personal Development curriculum.
  • They demonstrate their high aspirations through their attendance at the range of careers events and can articulate the necessary pathways to take for success through their completion of the Log in move on applications for College.
  • To broaden the horizons of the students through their participation in a bespoke careers development programme, and work placement.
  • Through a multicultural and diverse community, students will demonstrate tolerance and patience, and show an understanding for cultural difference; they actively work to build relationships.
  • To develop a sense of community through a competitive House system.
  • They will develop knowledge of self-regarding physical and mental health and well-being.
  • They will develop knowledge of effective leadership skills and qualities.
  • They will develop knowledge and show application of oracy skills.
  • They will develop an awareness of effective relationships and sexual health.

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