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Data report

Your daughter will receive 4 data reports and 1 annual report per year. The data report is categorised into 3 sections to give you a snapshot not only of your daughters progress but also of her as a learner.

Excellence and Aspire



This section of the report gives you information about your daughter’s progress and homework in each lesson. The target grade indicated is the grade that your daughter is capable of and should aspire to by the end of this year.

Current grade/Step

In KS4 students will be graded. As you may be aware we are currently in the process of transitioning from A*-C grades to a 1-9 grading system the schematic below indicates how the grades align. In KS3 students will be given a step score, this will align with their GCSE target as they move into KS4. The current grade or step tells you what your daughter is working at in each subject. Early in the academic year it is not unusual for this to be below their end of year target

Progress Towards Target

This column indicates clearly whether at her current performance level, your daughter is either above her target level, on target to achieve it or below target. If your daughter is below target then we recommend additional interventions such as afterschool classes to support her.


This grade is given by each subject referring to your daughters resilience, independence and ability to take responsibility for her own learning. The learner matrix criteria are used to award these grades

Excellence Aspire
Subject Target  Current grade/Step


Progress Towards Target Homework Intervention

Key revision areas for end of year exams


English 6 4= Below Target A Your daughter needs to identify structural features used in a text e.g. juxtaposition, contrast, sequencing etc. E
Maths 6 2+ Below Target A In order to make further progress your daughter needs to work on simplifying expressions by expanding the product of two brackets, solving equations with unknowns on both sides and changing the subject of the formula. E
Science 6 6= On Target E E
Music 6 4+ Below Target D Homework tasks will be given to encourage use of key words when describing music. A



This section of the data report gives information about how well your daughter follows the schools expectations. Her attendance, number of Vivo’s, and number of referrals are given a point score and used to determine what level learner she is overall for Pride.


% Attendance 98
Number of Vivos 210
Equipment referral’s 0
Behaviour points 1
Uniform referral’s 0


Expert Learner Advanced  Learner Developing Learner Basic Learner
Pride – How you follow School expectations
 Attendance  100-98%  97.9-95%  94.9-90%  Below 90%
Points 1 2 3 4
 Uniform 0 referrals 0 referrals < 2 referrals on average p/w >2 referrals on average p/w
Points 1 2 3 4
 Equipment 0 referrals 0 referrals


< 2 referrals on average p/w


>2 referrals on average p/w referrals (average > 10 p/w)
Points 1 2 3 4


0 referrals 0 referrals <10 referrals on average p/w >10 referrals on average p/w
Points 1 2 3 4
Vivos 150 vivos (average 45 vivo p/w) 100 vivos (average 30 v/p/w) 50 vivos (average 10 v/p/w) 25 (average 5 v/p/w)
Points 1 2 3 4


 Overall Learner Grades

All of the information about your daughters performance is collated and compared to the learner matrix to derive a picture of your daughters attitude to learning overalll.


Overall attitude to learning Pride

·         Attendance

·         Conduct

·         Uniform

·         Equipment



·         Resilience



·         Progress

·         Homework

Advanced learner Expert learner Developing learner


 Annual Reports

Every students at Newland school for girls will receive and annual report once per year. This report gives more detailed information about your daughter’s strengths and weaknesses in every subject that she study’s. The report also contains a tutor and head of house report which give additional information about any student leadership roles that your daughter has taken on and her wider contribution to the school. There is, in addition a comment from a member of the senior leadership team to recognised your daughters achievements throughout the year


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