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How have we set targets?                                                                                                                                                        

As usual, target grades have been set based on students’ Key Stage 2 English and Maths scores. This means each student will receive the same targets in all of their subjects. Each student will be given minimum progress (M), good progress (G), and excellent progress (E) targets.

What does the predicted grade mean?

The grades are what we currently predict each student will achieve at the end of Year 11. Teachers have predicted these grades by looking at exam scores and schoolwork. In all subjects, the new GCSE grading system of 9-1 will be used. Grade 9 is the highest grade and Grade 1 the lowest. The Department for Education has made changes to this system since the last time you received a progress report.  A Grade 5 is now considered by the Department for Education to be a ‘strong pass’.

What does the report show me?

The report shows each subject your child is studying, their target grades, and the grades their teachers are currently predicting they will achieve at the end of Year 11. The report uses the size of bars to show if a student is on track to achieve their minimum progress, good progress, or excellent progress target. The bar will indicate the grade that they are currently achieving in whole grades for KS3 students and in sub grades for KS4 students.


9-1 GCSE

5a = strong Grade 5 with a chance of achieving a Grade 6

5b = secure Grade 5

5c = weak Grade 5 with a chance of only achieving a Grade 4

All Vocational Subjects

L2Ma = strong L2 Merit with a chance of achieving a L2 Dist’n

L2Mb = secure L2 Merit

L2Mc = weak L2 Merit with a risk of only achieving a L2 Pass

All other GCSEs

C1 = strong Grade C with a chance of achieving a Grade B

C2 = secure Grade C

C3 = weak Grade C with a risk of only achieving a Grade D


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