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New leadership roles available – Closing date for applications 12th November!

See booklet linked below for more details.

Student Leadership is the foundation to developing character and confidence; at Newland we provide wealth of opportunity for our students develop the necessary skills to be successful within a leadership role.

We are extremely proud of the 297 students that held a leadership role last year, establishing themselves as a role model within the school, and embracing the challenges that they faced along the way.   This year we are aiming to extend the opportunities further, so that even more girls can have the same access to developing such essential life skills. All of the Student leaders receive training within the role and are provided with a number of experiences during the year in which to apply their newly acquired skills.

Here are a number of the student leadership role that are available within the school. Should you wish to find out more, please contact Mrs Edwards by email or contact at school on 01482 343098.

 Leadership Role Year Group(s) invited to apply Staff member attached to the role
Artist in Residence Year 8-11 Mrs Witts
Arts Ambassador Year 7-11 Mrs Hakeney
Bus Prefect Year 11 Ms Piercy
Directorate Leader Year 7-11 Mr Ash
House Captain / Vice Captain Year 10 Heads of House
House Senate Year 7-11 Heads of House
House Sports Captain Year 10 Heads of House
Vice House Sports Captain

for: Year 7, Year 8, Year 9

Year 7, Year 8, Year 9 Heads of House
Learning Buddy Years 8-10 Mrs Martinson
Lunchtime supervisors Year 11 Ms Wood
Music Leader Year 7-10 Miss Hakeney
Peer Mentor Year 8 and 9 Mrs Routh
Prefects Year 10-11 Mrs Edwards
Reader Leader Year 9 -10 Mrs Gowland
Recording Team Year 9-10 Miss Hakeney
Recycling Champion Year 7-11 Ms Wood
Rock Challenge Year 9-11 Mrs Witts
Sports Ambassador Year 7-10 Miss Griffiths
Sports Leader Year 10 Miss Griffiths
Siren Drama Company Designer/ Marketing Assistant Year 9-11 Mrs Witts
Siren Drama Company

Member – Performer

Year 7-11 Mrs Witts
Student Interviewer Year 8-10 Miss H Edwards
Student Voice Team Year 7-11 Mrs Edwards
Student Translator Year 7-10 Mrs Pavey
Student Trainer Pupils who have previously held a post in the last year The member of staff associated with the role
Tour Guide Year 7-9 Mrs V Callaghan
Year Ambassadors Year 7-10 Pastoral Mentors


Student leadership booklet