RB – Women in Science

RB formally Reckitt’s Benckiser, came into NSG to encourage young women into Science, Engineering, Technology and Maths (STEM) careers, Rebecca Ford and her colleagues demonstrated household products in the following ways:

Cillit Bang – Explained how the formula is very acidic and it reacts with lime scale (a base) to create an acid-base reaction. Show cillit bang turning litmus paper red.

Gaviscon – Explained how the calcium carbonate and sodium alginate react with the acid in your stomach to create a thick polymer like substance which creates a physical barrier between the stomach acid and your throat (Want to physically show this with a beaker, some HCL acid and Gaviscon)

Airwick Aerosol – Unlike normal aerosols which are water based, this one is formulated with ethanol which is less heavy and so doesn’t fall to the ground and create a ‘wet-spray fall out’. We show this by drawing a smiley face on a piece of laminated paper and showing how normal aerosols make the face run but Airwick aerosol allows the drawn smiley to stay in place

Dettol Hand Soap – We have a glow germ kit which uses a UV light to show how germs are spread from person to person. We will let the students shake hands and touch the table and then after using Dettol hand soap, see how the germs disappear.

The Y9 audience were split into teams to design a new product and to try to win prizes. The judging team were in awe of the Newland girls creativity and science knowledge, the girls produced colourful and informative pitches for new RB products which I think got the RB team thinking about how these exciting new initiatives could be placed on the shelve in a supermarket near you!

All of the students behaved with pride and aspired to be the best and produce excellence within their teams. Rebecca stated-“a truly wonderful group of young women and hoped they could carry on in their enterprising and engaging ethos as they go into their journey into the world of work in a few years”.

At Newland we want local and international businesses to take notice that we have a unique selling point-our students who can achieve anything through teamwork and aspiration.

This is to be continued as business links are to be strengthened and STEM careers are highlighted.

Well done Y9.