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All students in Y7 to Y9 will sit internal end of year examinations in all subject areas. These will take place between the weeks commencing 11th May to 29th June during lessons. Attendance during these weeks is vital.


Students in Y10 will sit trial exams during a two week period from 8th June 2020 -18st June 2020 . The exams will be full GCSE exams and will be reported in GCSE grades. It is vital that all students attend fully during the trial exams. A full examination timetable will be published in advance.


Students in Y11 will sit trial exams from 28th November 2019—12st December 2019. The exams will be full GCSE exams and will be reported in GCSE grades in a ‘mock’ style GCSE results day on 13th January which is followed by parents evening. It is vital that all students attend fully during the trial exams. A full examination timetable can be accessed below.

All students will be issued with individual examination timetables for each trial exam period and their final GCSE examinations.

In addition to their trial exams Y11 students will also follow a continuous programme of trial exams in their subjects as detailed below. All English, Maths and Science exams will take place on Thursday morning with Humanities and Options exams taking place during lesson time.

Week No. Week Commencing Exam Dates
1 2/9/2019
2 9/9/2019
3 16/9/2019 Y11 English
4 23/9/2019 Y11 Science
5 30/9/2019 Y11 Maths
6 7/10/2019
7 14/10/2019
8 21/10/2019 Y11 Science
9 4/11/2019 Y11 Maths
10 11/11/2019
11 18/11/2019
12 25/11/2019 Mock Exams
13 2/12/2019 Mock Exams
14 9/12/2019 Mock Exams
15 16/12/2019
16 6/1/2020  External Exams Vocational Subjects
17 13/1/2020 Y11 Maths
18 20/1/2020 Y11 Science
19 27/1/2020 Y11 English
20 3/2/2020 Y11 Humanities
21 10/2/2020
22 24/2/2020 Y11 Options
23 2/3/2020 Y11 Maths
24 9/3/2020 Y11 Science
25 16/3/2020 Y11 English
26 23/3/2020
27 30/3/2020
28 20/4/2020
29 27/4/2020
30 4/5/2020
31 11/5/2020 Exams
32 18/5/2020 Exams
33 1/6/2020 Exams
34 8/6/2020 Exams
35 15/6/2020 Exams
36 22/6/2020
37 29/6/2020
38 6/7/2020
39 13/7/2020


GSCE’s 2020

GCSE exam window opens on Monday 11th May and closes on Wednesday 24th June. Full attendance is required during this period when the Y11 timetable will be collapsed and an intensive revision timetable will be in place. All students also have a personalised exam timetable which provides them with details of all of the exams that they are sitting along with the location and their seat number.


All morning exams will begin at 9.30am sharp. Breakfast revision sessions will be running from 8.45am. In the event that a student is having difficulty in getting to school please contact the school urgently. Students have all been instructed to ensure that their mobile phones are switched off and not in their possession during all exams. In the event of an emergency at school an exams contingency plan is in place and can be viewed below.


GCSE results day is on Thursday 20th August. The school will be open for students to collect their results in person from 9.00am. If a student is unable to collect their results and wishes them to be posted home, then they must provide a stamped addressed envelope in advance to Mrs Daniels in the Exams office. A student may request that somebody else collects their results on their behalf, in order to do so they must notify Mrs Daniels in writing in advance of results day.

Mock Exam Timetable

June 2020 Exam Timetable

Exam Contingency Plan 2019-2020