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Homework is a method we use to raise achievement of our girls.  The benefits of completing homework needs to be instilled from Year 7, therefore we provide our students with a homework timetable for all year groups.  Click here to download a copy.

The purposes of homework are:

  • to allow reinforcing, extending and consolidating of work done in class
  • to encourage and develop self-discipline, study habits and a range of skills in planning and organising time
  • to involve parents/carers as partners in education
  • to prepare for tests/examinations
  • to challenge or provide support for our girls
  • to prepare for careers where working before/after office hours is the norm
  • Homework should promote opportunities for consolidation and extension, be related to current work and challenging.
  • Students must take full responsibility for their homework and should be supported by their parents/carers.
  • Homework should be issued in appropriate quantities, and completion dates should be clear and reasonable, taking into account the type of homework set, the home environment including family and cultural obligations.
  • Homework should be carefully planned and an integral part of each year of study.  It should not be seen as an “add-on” nor just for Key Stage 4 learners.
  • Homework should match the needs and abilities of learners involving all members of the year group and not restricted to certain subject areas.  It should reflect the breadth and balance of the curriculum we offer our learners.


Completion/non-completion of Homework:

Completion of homework will be rewarded through teachers awarding Vivo miles. Should the teacher feel the homework is of exemplary quality, they may nominate for Headteacher’s weekly nomination, share in the school bulletin or display in the Directorate. 

Non-completion of homework is to be dealt with consistently.  In the first instance, the teacher will set a 10minutes detention and agree an extension of the homework.  A referral will be logged so that parents can see where this has occurred using Sims Learning Gateway.  Should this matter persist parental contact will be made by the class teacher. 

Parents GCSE Revision November 2016

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