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Houses & Vertical Tutoring

Houses and Tutorial Time at Newland School for Girls

At Newland School for Girls we operate a House and Vertical Tutor Group system offering each girl a tutor who remains with them throughout their 5 years of secondary schooling. There are 4 houses – Griffin, Phoenix, Triton and Unicorn. Each house has 6 tutor groups, each with 20-24 girls from across the year groups.

The Heads of House are:

Griffin-Miss F Ryan

Phoenix-Miss M Griffiths

Triton- Mrs Taylor

Unicorn-Mrs M Birch

Vertical Tutor Groups is an enabling and supportive peer system which includes students from all year groups. Houses provide a solid base for girls to get to know other areas of the school and other year groups. Older girls are buddies to the younger ones and help them with the demands of school life. The vertical nature of the groups is more representative of real family life. Challenges and competitions allow the girls to bond and teamwork skills are gained.

Tutor time occurs before lunch during period 4 for 25 minutes weekly. Every girl has a planner to record her targets and progress towards them. She has regular mentoring sessions with her tutor.

Tutor activities centre around SMSC, literacy and debate / discussion.. year 7’s and Year 8’s participate in the PSHCE Jigsaw program, Every week has a topical theme. Weekly assemblies are in House Groups.

Monday assemblies-Unicorn and Phoenix

Friday assemblies- Triton and Griffin

Each House has a House Senate which has a representative from each tutor group and gives girls in the house a ‘voice’. This Senate meets with their Head of House once every half term and gives feedback to the tutor groups.

House Captains and Vice Captains are two of the many leadership roles we have in school. Girls hold the post for a year whilst they are in Year 10. Interviews take place in October.

Heads of House have regular communication with their houses via weekly bulletins,  assemblies, House Senates and by visiting their tutor groups in period 4. There is healthy house competition within the following areas:

  1. Attendance*
  2. Behaviour*
  3. Vivo Miles (rewards)*
  4. Sport
  5. Curriculum Subject areas

* Trophies to be at awarded half-termly/termly intervals

”I am proud of the many opportunities my tutor group and house provide me” I feel supported by my friends and school staff alike”

* Tutorial Programme 2017-2018

*Theme of the week

*Tutor groups & houses

”I am proud of the many opportunities my tutor group and house provide me” I feel supported by my friends and school staff alike”