Student Zone

Year 8

Throughout Year 8, we aim to inspire our girls to aim high and strive for success. We have a variety of interesting and challenging events planned throughout the year to help them consider their strengths and areas to develop to become the very best that they can be when they select their Option subjects later in the year. Through these we hope to instil a curiosity for learning and a desire to be successful in both their studies and in life.

As this year marks the end of Key Stage 3, we believe that it is important for the students to start thinking about their future and begin planning where their learning journey will take them.

Students will be involved in the ‘Prison, Me No Way’ experience as well as following the apprentice scheme from PIXL Edge. Over the year we will learn, understand and develop knowledge within Leadership, Well-being (Mind, health and life) Careers, Resilience, communication and initiative. Through these different topics we hope to build and develop our girls’ characters. We also explore aspects of our health and mental well being.

This year brings new challenges with the decisions regarding Options taking place after Christmas. The students continue to follow a diverse and enriched curriculum in Y8, studying the core subjects of English, Maths, Science, PE and ICT; in addition to languages, technology, art, geography, history, RE, dance drama and music. They have a dedicated reading lesson where they are able to explore reading skills and develop their ability to infer meaning which will have a massive impact on their GCSE studies and support their ability to access GCSE resources and examination papers.