Student Zone

Year 9

September 2016 sees our Year 9 girls embarking on their GCSE journey – an exciting year ahead!  This year they study compulsory and optional elements which will last for the three years in Key Stage 4.  The compulsory core subjects comprise of: Mathematics, English Language and Literature, Science, Language, Humanity and Physical Education.  In addition they have chosen three options to study which may include: Computer Science, Textiles, Media, Business, Health & Social Care, Dance, Drama, Religion Education.

Throughout this year, we aim to inspire our girls to continue to aim high and dream big so have various events planned for them.  Ace Day is a great day to look forward to where all the Year 9 girls visit Hull university to learn about life at university, what is required to get into university and types of courses available – all to help them aspire to be successful in the future.  In addition, we have our Newland Flyers programme where the selected Year 9 girls will undergo MENSA testing, attend elite subject competitions, visit universities, college master classes, and receive mentoring from the Senior Leadership Team. 

Throughout the GCSE option subjects there are opportunities to take part in extra-curricular activities.  For those studying Textiles, there is the opportunity to attend the Clothes Show in Birmingham and Hull College’s Degree Fashion Show.  In PE, there is a sports residential Friday 25th– 27th November in the Yorkshire Dales with outdoor adventurous activities including: canoeing, kayaking, orienteering, caving, and mountain biking.  In Geography, there is a visit to the Holderness coast and the Geography laboratories at Hull university.

We would like to invite all parents and carers of our Year 9 girls to our parents’ evening on 1st December 2016 4.30-7.30pm.  This will be the ideal opportunity to find out how the girls have settled into their GCSE subjects and review the achievement so far.