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Contacts for Early Help Family Support staff

West Staff School Links

Family support staff CC Linked school
Svetlana Poltere Fenchurch Chiltern Primary
Sue Smith Fenchurch  Bricknell CC
Kate Elliott Fenchurch Pearson Primary
Margaret Lee Fenchurch Adalaide Primary
Yvonne Kirk Fenchurch Newington Primary
Jo Nixon Fenchurch Stepney Primary,
Dawn Fry Fenchurch Sidmouth Primary
Jackie Brown Fenchurch Appleton Primary
Hazel Richardson Fenchurch Clifton Primary
Sophie McMellon Wheeler Wheeler
Elke Thompson Wheeler St Georges
Elke Thompson Wheeler Paisley
Lou Hazelwood Wheeler Frances Askew
Lynne Halliday Priory Priory, Christopher Pickering, Ainthrope
Emily Flower Priory Rokery, Eastfield, Acre Heads
Chloe Ibbetson Priory St Thomas Moore, Wold, Ganton

North Staff School Links

Family support staff Hours CC Linked school
Sally Joyce FT Parks Hall Rd Acadmey
Emily Curry FT Parks Thorpe Park
Falan Karumb PT Parks St Anthonys
Nicola Welsh PT Parks n/a as only does 1 day/week @ Parks
Tracy Moore FT Parks The Parks Primary
Becci Hannam FT Parks Greenway
Jo Wharton PT Parks Endike
Cat Shadick FT Parks
Hayley Lamb FT LT
laura Joyce FT LT Cleeve Primary
Mel Richards PT LT Dorchester
Hayley Calcutt PT LT Broadacres
Amie Atkinson FT LT Bude
Naomi Good FT LT Biggin Hill
Rachel West PT LT Highlands
Sammi warner/Rachael west FT LT Sutton Park/St Mary’s Queen of Martyrs