COVID - Updates

Thrive - COVID-19 Contingency Plan - Newland



From March 17th 

Students will no longer be required to wear a face mask in classrooms or communal areas. There will no longer be any face mask comfort breaks in lessons.

Students will still be required to wear a face mask on the school bus and the public bus.

All other measures in place will remain:

* ventilation of the building

* regular hand sanitisation and hand washing

* year group/class bubble organisation

* set seating plans in classrooms and on the bus

* different entrances, start and end times for each year group

* staggered breaks and lunch times, with class group queuing

* designated areas for year groups at break and lunchtime

* no touching nor bubble mixing will be allowed

* no sharing of equipment


Students will no longer need to wear additional clothing as the temperature around school now requires ventilation to keep us cool. Only school uniform items will be allowed - school v neck black jumper with purple piping and the school blazer.

NHS test and trace, Covid-19 testing for pupils and at Newland.

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Home Testing

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Update on twice weekly COVID-19 testing at home for students


Keeping Children Safe Online

The following updated government guidance has been issued recently. Coronavirus (COVID-19): keeping children safe online - Advice and guidance to help parents and carers to keep children safe online during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.