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Mokyklos prioritetai

The quality of education - School Development Journey strategic objectives

  • To ensure consistency in Q of E: implementation through the clear application of lesson routines for start and ends of lesson, equipment, rewards, presentation,  

  • To ensure high quality in Q of E: Implementation by teacher consistent & clear presentation of subject matter,  checking pupils’ understanding systematically, identify misconceptions accurately and provide clear, direct feedback both in the lesson and after summative assessments.

  • To ensure assessment is fit for purpose, used strategically and effectively to inform feedback & subsequent teaching and managed effectively to support work-life balance

  • To employ effective Literacy strategies within subjects to support fluent reading and spelling to impact positively on subject outcomes

  • MTP deliver a consistent logically structured, well planned and coherent curriculum for all learners especially HA, SEND and disadvantaged enabling all learners to make positive progress

  • To improve outcomes in attainment 


Behaviour and attitudes - School Development Journey strategic objectives

  • To develop and consistently apply strong practices for targeted group attendance, whilst maintaining effective attendance strategies currently used for all learners

  • To more effectively manage behaviour at classroom level by directorate, supporting individuals to develop consistent behaviour management practices for all learners, to reduce suspensions especially for those repeat offenders

  • To strengthen pupil agency and use feedback to improve pupil attitudes to and pride in, their school.

Personal development - School Development Journey strategic objectives

  • To increase the extra-curricular range of activities beyond PE and Music open to students at lunch/after school

  • To continue to develop a high quality offer for the personal development programme

  • Discussion and debate is actively taught Assembly holding slides are used to remind students of key information - healthy eating, healthy relationships, reporting incidents, 

  • To develop Character Education explicitly in the teaching of resilience, empathy and employability and the provision of opportunities to practise them in context. 



Leadership and Management - School Development Journey strategic objectives

  • To ensure more consistent and effective middle leadership 

  • To develop capacity of senior and middle leaders to use assessment data more effectively to positively impact outcomes 

  • To ensure staff voice is regularly sought, reviewed and responded to by senior leaders for their staff 

  • To eradicate gaps in attainment >5% and progress >.2 across all subjects for disadvantaged pupils

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