KS3 Technology

KS3 Technology

In Year 7 and Year 8 students experience the different Technology disciplines on a 10 weekly carousel. During these 100 minute lessons a week they will learn about Food and Nutrition, Fabrics and Textiles, CAD/CAM and Hard Materials

The curriculum is based upon the guidance given by the National Strategy for Education and skills linked to the National Curriculum.

Each project follows the design cycle and will involve the students making a product to take home at the end of each rotation. (Food and Nutrition with bring cooked/baked items home alternate weeks)


Year 7 Food and Nutrition: Healthy meals (i)

Students will produce a fruit salad, pizza, chicken nugget, spaghetti Bolognese and carrot muffins. The theory work associated with this course will focus on evaluating both their products and their performance during practical activities.

Year 8 Food and Nutrition: Healthy meals (ii)

Students will produce a vegetarian chilli, vegetable risotto, pasta bake, chicken curry and milk chocolate cake. The theory work associated with this unit will focus on evaluations and modifications needed to improve both product and performance.

Year 7 Fabrics and Textiles: Pop Art Cushion

Students design and make a cushion based on the theme of Pop Art. They must design for a specific target market and use a range of embellishment techniques such as applique, tie dye and hand embroidery to enhance their product to make it unique. They learn to create their own patterns and templates, be able to sew a range of hand embroidery stitches which improve their manual dexterity and use the sewing machine to complete the cushion. They also learn to use irons correctly and safely.

Year 8 Fabrics and Textiles: ‘Day of the Dead’ Makeup bag

Students learn about other cultures and use their patterns, colours and textures to inspire them to design their own product. This project builds on the skills they learned in Y7 by including more varied use of the sewing machine, for both decorative and construction purposes such as machine applique and inserting a zip. They also learn about industrial practices by using a sublimation printer for a shop bought quality finish.

Year 7 CAD/CAM: Ball Bearing Game

Students learn about researching and analysing existing products. They will learn basic drawing techniques and how to sketch their design ideas in oblique, isometric and exploded views.  They will learn about retro design and how to design and make their own packaging in this style.  The making focus is to develop fine skills in measuring, and the joining of materials.  They will learn how plastics can be shaped on a strip heater and moulded on a vacuum forming machine.

Year 8 CAD/CAM: Pewter Necklace

Students learn how to design and develop their own necklace based upon nature and an ocean theme. They will learn to accurately model their design before learning how to draw and develop their idea using Computer Aided Design. The final drawing will be cut out of M.D.F using Computer Aided Manufacture and a CNC router. The necklace will be cast in pewter using the M.D.F mould.

Year 7 Hard Materials: Pencil holder

Students will learn how to use a range of workshop tools and equipment.  The product will be based on the theme of animals developing appealing products for the teenage market.  The making focus will be that of developing the safe use of hand tools and machinery, accuracy of finish and developing the understanding of natural materials.

Year 8 Hard Materials: Coat hook plaque

Students will learn how to use a wide range of workshop tools and equipment.  The product will be based on the theme of Pop Art focusing on developing personalised designs for the product.  The making focus will be that of accuracy and combining different materials.