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Exclusion & Suspension Arrangements

The school will not use either fixed term suspension or permanent exclusion lightly. They must be regarded as the most serious sanction available.


The school will use fixed term suspension for:


– physical assault on a member of staff or a student
– persistent failure to comply with school rules
– any behaviour(s)/ actions which put other students at risk
– bullying


The school is mindful of the “six day‟ rule – and understands that any length of exclusion over 5 days will necessitate making provision for the student to be educated and 1 day for LAC. 


Only the Headteacher can exclude a pupil from the school. Permanent exclusions will be avoided by “managed moves‟ wherever possible. However, on some occasions it will be necessary to permanently exclude a student from the school.

Thrive Exclusion & Suspension Policy

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