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At Newland School for Girls we work hard to listen to and act on the opinions and concerns of all who come into contact with the school.

If parents or carers have a concern about a specific lesson or issue for their child, they should normally contact the subject teacher or their child’s form tutor or Head of House. The vast majority of concerns and complaints will be resolved promptly by this means.

If the member of staff is unable to resolve the issue directly, parents and carers should put their complaint in writing to the Headteacher, Ms V Callaghan. Complaints will then be investigated thoroughly and parents and carers will be notified of the outcome.

If parents and carers are not satisfied with the response they receive from the Headteacher, they should write to the Chair of the School’s Governing Body, Bill Maxwell, who will try to resolve the issue. They may be invited to a meeting of the Governing Body’s Complaints Committee, who will review how the complaint has been investigated.

For a copy of the Thrive Complaints Procedure please click here.

If parents and carers believe that the procedure has not been followed correctly, they may refer the complaint to the Department for Education. Initial complaints and concerns referred directly to the Local Authority will be referred to the Headteacher, who will follow the procedure as outlined above.

To pass on a concern or to make a complaint, you may also call the school on (01482) 343098 or email

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