Ethos and Values

Vision and Ethos

Our journey towards outstanding is one that is characterised by a culture of high expectations and belief in every girl; we aspire to be at the forefront of creative change. To set our mark for others to aspire to and follow our school is innovative and exciting.

Newland School for Girls vision is that every learner - student, staff, community member – who is part of or involved with the school learning community will feel valued and be treated as an individual; the school experience will be personalised to the learner and their environment. All stakeholders are able to progress and achieve in a safe and secure, yet challenging environment and will be encouraged and supported to believe and attain to their true potential. Every learner will have the necessary level of attainment and skills, in line with or exceeding their potential to enable them to enter and be successful in their next and chosen pathway. Our school will have outcomes, which not only demonstrate achievement in line with the top quartile of all comprehensive schools but also exemplifies good practice in terms of ensuring every child has the best chance for success.

The standards we achieve are vital to our continued success, but we believe, it is not the only measure we should focus upon; developing the individual as a whole person, not just as a set of qualifications, is just as important and is central to what we do each and every day at Newland School for Girls.

In order to achieve our vision we have three central features:

Each and every member of our community takes pride in everything we do – from the work we complete, to our appearance and conduct, to the standards we achieve

Each and every member of our community aspires to be the best we can be in all that we do.


Each and every member of our community will achieve excellence through focus, determination and a will to succeed.