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House System

Character and Culture – HOUSES

We at Newland School for Girls are extremely proud of the quality of pastoral care and support and invest greatly in the cultural and character development of our students. The House system remains at the heart of this and gives our students true sense of identity within the school. There are 4 houses – Griffin, Phoenix, Triton and Unicorn.

The Heads of House are:

Griffin – Miss F Ryan (Y10 Tutor Groups)          

Phoenix – Miss M Griffiths (Y9 tutor Groups)

Triton – Mr Topham (Y7 Tutor groups)

Unicorn – Mrs Birch (Y8 Tutor groups)


House Leadership opportunities

Each House has a House Senate which has a representative from each tutor group and gives girls in the house a ‘voice’. This Senate meets with their Head of House once every half term and gives feedback to the tutor groups.

House Captains and Vice Captains are two of the many leadership roles we have in school. Girls hold the post for a year whilst they are in Year 10. Interviews take place in October.

House Competition

Every two week, all staff and students are invited to participate in a House Competition. These competitions range from practical challenges, to quizzes, posters, bake offs, etc... All students entering receive points for their house, and generous personal reward points for the winners.

Heads of House have regular communication with their houses via weekly bulletins, assemblies, and House Senate meetings. There is healthy house competition within the following areas:

  1. Attendance*

  2. Referral points*

  3. Achievement points

  4. Sport

  5. Curriculum Subject areas

  6. Fortnightly House Challenges

* Trophies to be at awarded half-termly/termly intervals

”I am proud of the many opportunities my tutor group and house provide me” I feel supported by my friends and school staff alike”

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