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Parent Pay

At Newland School For Girls we use a cashless payment system called ‘ParentPay’. When your daughter joins the school she will be issued with login details to enable you to pay for school dinners, trips, travel fares, music lessons etc. Uniform is available to purchase through our school website which will then link you to Parentpay to enable you to make an online payment; They can also deposit money using ‘cash machines’ based around the school premises which will accept coins and notes. Any money can be paid into your daughter’s account using parentpay and held within the system. For information, there is a daily “spend limit” programmed into the system of £3.00, this can be increased or decreased for an individual student by making a written request to the Finance Officer. If the student card is lost there is a £2 charge to replace

To access the ParentPay website, please click the link below;


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