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Café-Licious Price List 


Break Time

Toast Free

Pizza Slice 50p

Hash Browns (x2) 50p


Meal Deal £2.20

Includes – Hot meal, Dessert or Fruit and a Bottle of Water

Hot Meal (Meat, Vegetarian or Halal) £1.50


Meal Deals £2.20

Meat Sandwich meal Includes Sandwich, Bottle of Water/Juice Carton and Biscuit, Bun or Fruit

Vegetarian Sandwich meal includes Sandwich, any drink up to 60p and Biscuit, Bun or Fruit

Meat/Halal Meat Sandwich £1.40

Vegetarian Sandwich £1.20


Biscuits, Buns & Flapjacks 50p

Fruit & Healthy Pots

Piece of Fruit 40p

Small Fruit Pots 40p

Small Yoghurts 45p


Bottled Water 50p

Juice Carton 50p

Small Milk 50p

Flavoured Milk 60p

Flavoured Water 70p

Parents and carers who think they may be eligible to receive free schools meals for their children can find out about the scheme and apply via the school website. Please click here for further details.

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