Regular school attendance and good punctuality means your child can make the most of their education and will improve their choices in adult life. It will also help them when they enter the world of work. The Department for Education classify any child with an attendance below 90% regardless of the reason for their absence, to be a persistent absentee. This equates to just two days each month. Statistics show that persistent absentees are less likely to achieve their full potential and it can affect GCSE grades and a child’s future prospects. School helps children and young people with their social skills, making and maintaining friendships, building confidence and self esteem. If your child does not attend school regularly it will affect their attainment and progress because of missed work.


The school works very closely with the Local Authority who may issue ‘Fixed Penalty Fines’ where attendance is unsatisfactory and in the most serious cases prosecution may occur. Should absence be related to a shielding condition, the school will work with student and parent to ensure reasonable adjustments are made to encourage good attendance.