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Welcome to Newland

“I am delighted to take this opportunity to showcase our school and to help you make the right decision in choosing a school that will ensure your daughter thrives and succeeds.”


Newland School for Girls is a diverse, highly aspirational and academically high achieving school. We are rightly proud of being all-girls, serving and educating young ladies in Hull for over 100 years. We encourage every student to have high aspirations and the ambition to succeed. Newland School for Girls is recognised as the one of the highest achieving schools in Yorkshire in 2018, placed in the top 10% of schools in Hull and placed 12th out of similar schools nationally.


We offer a unique educational experience in the city and girls who are part of our school become part of the strong network of Newland Old Girls, within the city and beyond. We promote the traditional values of respect, care for each other and self-discipline, while celebrating the school’s diverse talents, abilities and cultures. Our students work together in a well-ordered, harmonious and happy community drawn from all cultures and backgrounds across the city.


Single sex education is not, I believe, an indifferent choice.  Building confidence and self-esteem are key factors to attaining success in your daughter’s education. It is not hard therefore to comprehend why girls thrive in single sex schools, since they are studying in an environment which recognises these differences and is consequently tailor-made in terms of educational setting and atmosphere.  Few would dispute that boys and girls are wired differently and consequently develop both physically and emotionally at different speeds, have different learning styles, as well as diverse motivating factors to inspire. As a single sex school we have the advantage of being able to offer teaching styles, subject choices, sporting opportunity and a full extra-curricular programme, which is entirely focussed on girls.’ Competition’ leads to a general acceptance amongst our girls that it is ‘cool’ to work hard and excel in terms of academic, musical, sporting and dramatic achievement, whereas competition within a mixed environment can sometimes knock the confidence and motivation of those girls who are not out-going and extroverted.  We don’t have issues with equality in subjects as every subject is a ‘girl’ subject and therefore our girls excel in the STEM subjects.


We place a high value on care and nurture to enable all our students to make rapid academic progress and grow into caring and responsible young adults. Our students have a keen appreciation of moral values, a lively sense of purpose and a justified pride in themselves. They value highly the support they receive from teachers, the challenge they receive in lessons and the tolerance and respect all students have for each other in their school community. We have high levels of attendance and punctuality. Our students are successful, personable and motivated to learn. “Students’ good behaviour and highly positive attitudes to learning are underpinned by good promotion of spiritual, moral, social and cultural education.” We place a high value on the development of character alongside, a student’s ability to achieve excellent examination results.


The pastoral care in this school is second to none and I have experience of working in seven other schools, over 25 years, so biased as Headteacher I maybe, but I do have the knowledge to be able to know the experience your daughter will gain, the care she will receive and the individual support that your daughter and you as family will receive everyday in this school, is outstanding.  It is one of the aspects of this school I am most proud of being part of.  The girls will talk of school and their house as being part of a family away from home; they rate the help and support they receive from their teachers as the best thing about school and parents cannot praise us highly enough when teenage issues arise and we tackle them together.  We have created a passion and pride in our school which is evident in all of our pupils and staff.


Please feel free to visit us and see how we work together to provide a truly outstanding experience for your daughter. 


Vicky Callaghan 

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