Year 9

Throughout Y9, we aim to inspire our girls to aim high and dream big! We have a wide and exciting variety of virtual and remote events planned throughout the year to help foster a love of learning, an inquiring mind-set and the resilience to face new challenges head on. We believe that Y9 gives everyone a chance to start dreaming about future career paths and to truly understand that the world is waiting for them with open arms.


We offer a selection of Arts-based activities and opportunities as well with drama, dance and music pre-recorded and virtual performances and writing poetry with a view to becoming published in National competitions and entry to a selection of book awards. We also encourage the girls to explore opportunities to discuss literature with likeminded people from across the county …as well as country! Of course, this will be via Google Meet this year to ensure we remain covid-friendly in everything we do. Although we are careful to follow the covid guidance around sport, we still strongly believe that our students need access to their PE lessons. Therefore, in year 9 we have adapted our PE programme to focus on fitness training, looking at healthy lifetyles and  cardiovascular endurance testing.  Students alaso take part in the interhouse cross countyrty competition.


Having selected their Option subjects to study alongside English Language and Literature, Maths, Science, Languages, Geography/History and PE, pupils are embarking on a challenging, stimulating and exciting journey where they will become more confident and adept at the subjects they already love and discover new skills, mastery and unknown joy in new areas of the curriculum!