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Year 7

What a great choice our Y7s have made in joining our NSfG Community! A huge welcome to all of our new Year 7s to what we are hoping will be a very successful yet challenging year. Our transition programme gives us lots of opportunities to get to know each other before the girls start Y7, but we understand that settling in doesn’t always happen overnight and we will support our girls every step of the way in becoming active, happy members of our community.

Once our girls have settled into their new classes and school routines, they will quickly find their feet and excel.

To help support our girls, we operate a lateral tutoring and house system; this is an opportunity for our girls to become involved in a wide range of activities to promote a sense of togetherness and community spirit. As well as this, there are so many exciting opportunities to take advantage of in Year 7; musical performances, a fantastic visit from a professional Theatre company, sports teams, lunchtime homework clubs and an extensive range of enrichment activities. A highlight of the year is our brilliant residential Year 7 Camp where pupils will camp out under the stars and experience life in the wild!

We actively encourage our Y7 girls to find their feet quickly, grow in their capacity to look after themselves and learn to take more responsibility for themselves with homework and behaviour as part of our enrichment in Y7. This is very different to Primary School and can sometimes seem quite overwhelming. We will support our pupils in achieving this and our mentors are always on hand for support; getting into good habits and being accountable for their actions is something our girls will be working hard to develop, and we very much appreciate the support we know we and the girls will get from parents at home.

Lessons at secondary school are a very different experience to those at primary school. Our teachers are subject specialists with very high standards who want to support the girls to realise their true potential; working hard, showing resilience and having a positive attitude is key. Our girls will have weekly lessons in English, Maths, Science, PE and ICT in addition to studying French, Technology, Art, Geography, History, RE and Creative Arts.

As a reward for their hard work at the end of year 7 we run end of year activities day trips include, Flamingo Land, trip to London and Lightwater Valley. These are a great way to end a busy and exciting year!

If you have any queries or concerns in Year 7, please contact Miss Utton on extension 6224

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