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Ofsted Report

IT IS NOW OFFICIAL, NEWLAND SCHOOL FOR GIRLS IS A ‘GOOD’ SCHOOL, as judged by Ofsted in November 2021. Teachers and pupils are delighted that the inspectors recognised and rewarded the wealth of strengths the school has.


Some of the key themes of Ofsted’s report


  • ‘This small school feels like a community. It is a caring environment where pupils feel supported. Parents say that their children are nurtured by staff and pupils feel their voices are listened to. Pupils are pleasant and courteous’.

  • ‘School leaders, including governors, have high aspirations for pupils. They believe it is their responsibility to create young women who are prepared to be leaders of the future. Pupils at this school believe they can ‘achieve anything’.

  • ‘Since the COVID-19 pandemic, leaders have placed an increased importance on the well-being of pupils. Pupils value the pastoral mentors and trust the adults in school’.

  • ‘Pupils engage in lively discussions about important issues in daily tutor time sessions. Teachers tackle topics such as mental health, diversity, healthy relationships and LGBTQ+ issues. Leaders ensure staff are supported to do this effectively through regular training. Pupils have their voices heard and even deliver whole-school assemblies on topics that are important to them. They talk maturely about their responsibility to break down stereotypes and challenge discrimination’.

  • ‘Staff are proud to be members of this school. The majority of staff feel that their workload is well considered. Leaders have a clear plan for education recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic. The headteacher has identified the priorities and is clear about the next steps. Trustees are effective in holding leaders to account. They visit the school termly. They are clear about the school’s strengths and areas for development’.


Vicky Callaghan Headteacher

I am so pleased for all the pupils, staff, parents and our community of Newland School for Girls. This report shows the tremendous progress the school is making and the high aspirations our pupils and staff have.

This school gives pupils an excellent platform to be successful, enhancing their future opportunities. Ofsted have recognised Newland School for Girls is a diverse, highly aspirational and high-achieving school. Operating with our principles of pride, aspire and excellence, we endeavour to create a sense of family and community that is seen throughout the school and beyond it. Our greatest focus for improvement over time has been the quality of teaching, learning and improved exam grades. We want all children who attend our school to have the best possible experience here and to leave with a range of opportunities and possibilities ahead of them. We believe in our pupils and hope during their time here they learn to believe in themselves. In the coming years we will continue to provide an education that is groundbreaking for Hull’s girls; If we continue to deliver dreams, we will be able to further the success of all our pupils.

Alongside our value in tradition, we place considerable emphasis on the importance of good manners and contribution to community. We believe it is essential that our pupils have an understanding of common courtesy, and that other aspects of their character develop as a result of this. Through teaching our pupils to be confident and resilient, we find they are best prepared for the  real world, able to take the applause as well as being able to keep moving onwards and upwards.



Thrive Co-operative Learning Trust - inspiring pupils to thrive in life


Newland School for Girls is part of Thrive Co-operative Learning Trust which was formed in September 2016 and is now 9 schools across Hull, 2 secondary and 7 primary schools. The Trust’s mission is inspiring pupils to thrive in life. To thrive we work cooperatively as collective of academies to enable each pupil, each school and each local community, to reach their fullest potential, and to achieve this ethically and in partnership.

A Thrive school is one that is a dynamic community of staff, pupils and their families all focussed on making things better for our children. We believe that great schools are much more than learning factories. They are transformative places where eyes are opened, support and care is expressed, and personal potential is unleashed.

Thrive believes that we have the capacity, underpinned by an underlying ethical approach to leadership, to inspire our students and staff to bring rapid and sustained improvement for the benefit of its pupils and the communities that we serve.

Newland School for Girls is a great example of what it means to be a Thrive school. As Ofsted recognised, the school is a caring place where individuals are expertly nurtured, and where pupils learn the value of working cooperatively. The Trust is so proud of Newland’s achievement - and its ambition to go further.


If you have any questions about Ofsted, please contact us and we can help you. Alternatively, you can find more information on the Ofsted website or in the full published Ofsted report below.

Ofsted Report

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