Humanities and MFL

Our Vision

To enable our students to appreciate the world in which we live. To develop communication skills both in speaking and writing as well as develop empathy for others’ beliefs and opinions.

At Key stage 3

At Key Stage 3 MFL covers the themes of School, Family, Hobbies, Local Environment, Holidays and Health.  In all topic areas listening, writing, reading and speaking skills are developed.  We also aim to develop key skills in grammar which are built on in Key Stage 4

Year 7 Personal Details, the Wider Family, School, Free time, the local Area

Year 8 Health, Hobbies, Fashion and Holidays & Weather

At Key stage 4

The course builds on the language skills developed in Key Stage 3.  Students will cover five topic areas throughout the course linked to the EDEXCEL exam specification 1-9:

  • Local area, holiday and travel
    •             School
    •             identity and culture
    •             future aspirations, study and work
    •             international and global dimension

The students will be assessed through a terminal examination and will cover all 4 elements:

Listening examination –  25 per cent of overall grade.
Reading examination –  25 per cent of overall grade.
Speaking examination – 25 per cent of overall grade.
Writing examination including translation – 25 per cent of overall grade.

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If you wish to find out more about the curriculum your daughter is studying, please contact Mrs Bentley and Miss Lombardi.