In mathematics we want to create students who enjoy and are excited about mathematics.  We would like all students to believe that they can be successful at mathematics. As a result they will become confident problem solvers, who can apply their knowledge of mathematics in any situation. This includes within other subject areas and outside of the classroom in real life situations..

We want our students to develop broad mathematical knowledge and understanding that enables them to contribute towards society.

We would like to encourage students to enjoy and become excited about mathematics, believing that they can and will be successful.

Students will become confident problem solvers, able to apply their knowledge to  other subject areas and real world situations.

In order for this to occur the curriculum is structured in such a way that students develop a deep understanding of the knowledge and skills that form the basis of mathematics.



“We want students to think like mathematicians, not just DO the maths.

We believe that students should:

  • Explore, wonder, question and conjecture,
  • Compare, classify, sort,
  • Experiment, play with possibilities, vary aspects and see what happens,

Make theories and predictions and act purposefully to see what happens, and generalise.” (Mathematics mastery)

  1. All students within KS3 can represent mathematics structures and concepts in a concrete, pictoral and abstract manner.
  2. All students can reason mathematically. We believe students should be encouraged to develop a deep understanding of the concepts they meet rather than learn from rules.
  3. All students can use mathematical language to effectively make comparisons, modifications and generalisations
  4. All students are fluent in mathematical facts and procedures and can quickly recall these facts while moving between different contexts and representations.
  5. All students can solve problems that involve a variety of facts, procedures and contexts.
  6. We believe that through hard work and effort everyone can get better at maths.


KS3 Curriculum

Currently students in year 7 and 8 study a 5 year mastery programme of study, including those with SEN needs and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.  Tiers of entry are not decided for GCSE until years 10 and 11 thus allowing equal opportunity for all.

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KS4 Curriculum

Years 9-11 follow a 3 year GCSE curriculum

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Homework will be set weekly and involve completing a task based on the current topic being taught or revision of previous topics taught.

Parental Guidance and Support:

Support can be obtained from the following websites:

Worksheets and Videos

GCSE Past Paper Revision

Revision Guides and Books


If you wish to find out more about the curriculum your daughter is studying, please contact Mrs Maritz.