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KS4 - Business Enterprise


The aim of the Business Curriculum is to provide students with the knowledge and understanding necessary to prepare them for a working life in modern Britain as an employee, employer or an entrepreneur. We want our student to have the passion and desire to strive to be the next female CEO of a multi national organisation.

In particular, the business curriculum will foster pupils’ knowledge of finance, economics, enterprise, marketing concepts and the law. 

Teaching will equip pupils with the skills to carry out research, weigh up evidence and make reasoned judgments. Our intent is for our students to enter working life as confident young women.

Our SEN intent is that effective teaching and learning will make sure that the entire Business curriculum is available to all students through careful structuring of activities, scaffolding answers and personalised teaching.


  • To understand the ways in which people can create a business start-up

  • To provide students with the skills and knowledge to target a market develop market research tools and complete market research, generate product design ideas, work collaboratively with peers to gain feedback to inform final design decisions.

  • Be able to complete financial calculations such as calculating costs, sales and profits in order to determine financial viability.

  • To work effectively in groups of different sizes and taking on required roles, including leading and managing discussions, involving others productively, reviewing and summarising, and contributing to meeting goals/deadlines

  • To develop our students confidence and employment skills by learning how to pitch a product proposal to an external audience and self-assessing their performance.


KS4 - Business Enterprise Curriculum Plan

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