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In Geography we want to motivate students to be inquisitive, and develop a fascination about the world and its people. We want this to remain with them for the rest of their lives. At the same time, the students will be able to understand their individual impact and involvement in global issues at a local and global scale to enable them to make decisions that change the world for the better. They will develop this through a range of learning experiences that work on both skills based and knowledge based activities; this will enable all students to access and engage with the learning in Geography lessons. Our teaching will enable all students to begin to understand their place in the world and their impact upon the Earth.


The aims for all learners are:

  1. All girls will actively engage with geographical issues and gain an insight into sustainability and its impacts on their lives.

  2. All girls understand the consequences of people’s actions and will develop an empathetic understanding and responsibility to future generations about protecting the planet.

  3. Develop a sense of wonder and curiosity about our planet its people, cultures and the environment.

  4. Gain knowledge and understanding of key geographical concepts such as place, environment and sustainability.

  5. Understand people have different views of the world and develop all girls as global citizens.

  6. Give the girls the opportunity to take part in fieldwork and other out of classroom learning.

  7. Allow girls to understand how our planet has changed over time.

  8. Develop Geographical skills in Geography lessons with links made to Science and Maths when required.


To support your daughter with completing work at home, each unit's homework will be uploaded onto Google Classroom for your daughter to read. It should be completed in her book and handed into her teacher in school.


Parental advice and support

Useful Websites to Support Learning in Geography at KS3

To support you child the best thing you can do is regularly ask them about what they have learnt in school each day and encourage them to regularly watch the news along with this the following websites can be used to support pupils when completing homework tasks, or for wider learning in Geography:

Google Maps and Google Earth – Excellent for reinforcing a sense of place with your child

BBC Bitesize KS3 Geography – contains information on some of the topics covered in KS3 and is useful for revision at the end of unit assessment.

National Geographic for Kids – An excellent website with a wealth or videos, articles and activities which are perfect for wider reading in geography.

Ordnance Survey Mapzone – A useful website for revising map skills including symbols and grid references.

Useful Websites to Support Learning in Geography at KS4

The Geography department has provided all KS4 students with a ‘Revision Guide’ which covers all the topics for the GCSE examination. Students are advised to use this frequently so as a parent if you could encourage them to regularly review and recap for key concepts, vocabulary, facts and events in detail this will support with their progress in lesson.

In addition to this you can regularly support your child by encouraging the use of the following websites or by simply quizzing her about what they have learnt in school each day.

BBC Bitesize GCSE AQA Geography – Provides a wealth of resources to support for your child linked directly to the AQA specification.

Cool Geography – Access a range of resources to support with case study and example information and revision.

AQA GCSE Specification – Provides a comprehensive overview of the topics covered in the GCSE examination.

“Geography is a subject which holds the key to our future” – Michael Palin

Geography Curriculum Plan

If you require any further information about Geography please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs Taylor Tel: (01482) 343098 Email:

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