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KS4 - Creative iMedia


Our key stage 3 curriculum fully supports student choice in an ever evolving key stage 4 curriculum. There are 2 courses currently available for students in Key Stage 4; GCSE Computer Science and a Cambridge National Certificate in Creative iMedia.

Creative iMedia is the integration of digital media including combinations of electronic text, graphics, moving images and sound into a structured digital computerised environment that allows people to interact with the data for appropriate purpose. Students will learn to plan and design web development, film, interactive media products, gaming and animation.

Students with SEND will be provided with specific support; including video tutorials, scaffolding, additional support, and differentiation of activities to ensure they can access the curriculum and enable them to thrive within their ICT and Computing lessons.

We want our students to develop a wide range of digital skills that will equip them with choices for when they leave our school.


  • To use digital technologies in ways that is effective, safe, and complies with legislation.

  • To apply the concept of project development, from planning and research, through to development and evaluation.

  • To analyse client needs and media conventions to create a product suited to purpose.

  • To develop skills across a range of graphics and media applications to create products that engages the target audience.

  • To develop literacy skills to support the evaluation of products.


Creative iMedia Curriculum Plan

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