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KS4 - Drama

KS4 - Option Performing Arts - Drama


Our intent in Drama is for all students to study a wide variety of dramatic conventions, including stagecraft, vocal projection and physical theatre, as well as a brief history of the theatre from Ancient Greece to the modern day.


Our students will actively engage in rehearsal warm ups, improvisational exercises and group performances. This will give them the skills and confidence to showcase their learning through performances, from both devised and scripted play.


Students will enjoy learning about the theory of drama, writing rehearsal logs and performance evaluations that will help them to grow and develop as a performer.


We ensure that lessons within the Drama curriculum are lessons differentiated to cater for disadvantaged and minority groups. This is through the use of visual cues, demonstrations, chunking of tasks, structuring of activities and personalised teaching. The purpose of this is to ensure that our SEND students can engage with and access their learning and that the curriculum provides challenge for all.

We believe that Drama is not just for people who have experience with performance: it is a great way for students to build confidence, develop team working skills and express themselves in a safe and supportive environment. Many students find Drama to be a welcome change from the constant theory work of core subjects and a chance to be creative and imaginative.

KS4 - Performing Arts (Drama) Curriculum Plan

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