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KS4 - Health & Social Care

KS4 Option in Health & Social Care 



At Newland School for girls our aim is to make lessons engaging and challenging but, above all, that are memorable and enjoyable. We hope to use our lessons to encourage our pupils to look at the world with an informed and enquiring mind. We believe that the most important part of our work is to equip all of our young people with the ability to live a full life where they can become confident and questioning individuals and provide them with the future to which they aspire. The vision in Health and Social Care at Newland School for Girls is that it can become the means by which our pupils can become resilient individuals who are prepared and equipped for an ever-changing world to which they feel certain they can contribute in a meaningful way.

The department aims to help young people develop a sense of self-worth and the wisdom to see the world through the eyes of others and to understand their place within the world. We also want our learners to develop and have empathy for those around them, locally and globally and to be able to consider the dilemmas some people face from all walks of life.

In the Health and Social care we seek to have high aspirations for all our pupils, support them to progress during their time at Newland School for Girls, and encourage them to achieve the best that they are able to. We seek to design, implement (and evaluate) a curriculum which offers breadth and balance, impacts on pupils’ personal development and welfare and have positive impact on Level 2 Cambridge National. While we support pupils to develop their knowledge and skills, we encourage them to ask questions, develop their understanding and build confidence in their own abilities. Pupils will be provided with transferable skills and tools to improve their learning in other subjects, thus enhancing their employability when leaving education.

The course  covers equality, diversity and safeguarding. Both through the exams module and the coursework modules. It underpins the rights and care values that promote equality and diversity in a range of settings. Legislation is also introduced and what impact it has on both service users and providers. Pupils also learn the importance of softer skills such as communication skills.

Our SEN intent is that effective teaching and learning will make sure that the entire Health and Social Care curriculum is available to all students through careful structuring of activities, scaffolding answers and personalised teaching.

Aims of Health and Social Care

  • To understand the essential values of care for use with individuals in care settings

  • To understand the impact of communication and working with individuals in health, social care settings

  • Comprehend the different life stages from young people to older adulthood and know what medical conditions may affect progress through the life stages. 


Health & Social Care 3 Year Curriculum Plan

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