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Physical Education (PE)


Through core PE, we will aim to provide the girls with the knowledge and understanding of the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle. We pride ourselves on providing a holistic curriculum in order to develop girls for the wider aspects of school and preparing them for modern Britain. We provide a skills based curriculum, in which students are able to access a variety of sporting activities. 

Throughout Key Stage 3 and 4, the girls develop, enhance and transfer skills across all sporting areas, as well as the wider curriculum. One of our particular strengths is developing leadership skills for all pupils within core PE lessons. Within our Physical Education Extra curricular programme we provide amazing opportunities for all girls of all abilities, with a range of sports and activities offered after school. 


Physical Education at Newland School for Girls aims to;

  1. Give all Newland girls the opportunity to perform in a wide variety of sports included in the National Curriculum for Physical Education.

  2. Give all girls the opportunity to develop sporting skills, helping to explore creative intent and emotion.

  3. Develop the girls’ ability to communicate effectively and suitably for the sports they are participating in

  4. Give all students the opportunity to analyse performance through peer and self-assessment.

  5. Develop the girls’ confidence and resilience, leadership qualities needed to succeed in the wider world.

  6. Develop a sense of pride in our girls’, in wearing the correct NSG sporting uniform and representing the school within County fixtures.

Core PE Curriculum Plan

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