Relationships and Sex Education

Newland School for Girls Relationships and Sex Education curriculum

Back in March 2020, I wrote to all parents/carers informing you that despite being in lockdown, we were going to continue with the RSE curriculum and policy consultation with parents, but would host it online instead. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents/carers that completed the questionnaire and provided us with the valuable feedback.  


We are pleased to report that 100% of parents/carers (see appendix 1) felt that both the curriculum and policy reflected the necessary content, and required no alteration and we acknowledge that some parents/carers would still like to know more information about the curriculum. I would like to take this opportunity at this point to direct any parent/carer who wishes to see a detailed overview, to the curriculum section of the school website, where a lesson-by-lesson plan can be observed.


A few parents also felt like they need some support when it comes to discussing the issues at home. In response, next year we will inform parents/carers at the start of each term the specific topic areas that will be taught to with their child, and will provide some resources that will direct parents to specific support conversations at home, and the opportunity to speak with a member of staff where there is a need. 


In regards to the topics that parents/carers felt were the most important, I am confident that all the suggestions made are covered within the curriculum and will be taught at some point during their Personal Development journey at the Newland School for Girls. There was some concern over how the sensitive topics are covered, but we have ensured that the curriculum is sequential and that knowledge builds sufficiently overtime, to ensure that the students are mature enough to be able to discuss the topic at the appropriate age level. 

This brings the consultation period for the RSE curriculum and policy to a close, and I would like to thank everyone once again who participated. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

To view the RSE consultation result click here Consultation Results


Adaptations to the Personal Development curriculum

In light of the unprecedented changes that we have all experience during lockdown, we have adapted the Personal Development Curriculum this half term. All students are participating in a series of lessons focusing on Positive Mental wellbeing, ensuring that the students have the opportunity to reflect on their experience and explore strategies to use to overcome challenges and mange emotions.

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