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At NSG we want all students to develop a love of Science and a thirst for scientific knowledge.  We develop their curiosity and fascination so that they can answer the key questions, and be confident in their own understanding. We want them to use their knowledge and skills to think big and be equipped to operate at the forefront of Science. We want all students including SEND to have equal opportunities to access the most challenging content and to thrive as a result of expert scaffolding of our curriculum.


  • Tiers of entry and final course choices are not decided for GCSE till Year 11 allowing opportunity for all.

  • All units of the curriculum are built upon the big ideas of science; Interdependence, Cells, Forces, Atoms to allow progression of ideas from core knowledge and understanding.

  • Students with lower prior attainment have an adapted KS3 curriculum to build core knowledge and skills to allow further development at KS4 and beyond.

  • They are regular opportunities for students to explore STEM through extracurricular trips in years 7 – 10

  • Students develop key skills through application of practical investigations ie timekeeping, reliability of data, problem solving.

  • Students develop confidence using a range of scientific apparatus effectively

  • Students explore links between the science they learn and the wider world.


Curriculum Implementation Science


Science homework is aimed at retention of key knowledge which will build throughout the programme of study. All homework is accessible via google classroom.

Parental Guidance and support

We strongly recommend that to support your daughter you discuss science related articles in the news and that your daughter takes the opportunity to use seneca learning each week to reinforce the subject knowledge learned in class.

You can also help by testing your daughter on her homework cards each week.

Useful websites to support Science.

Seneca Learning

BBC bitesize - Science (KS3)

BBC bitesize GCSE Combined Science

BBC bitesize Single Science (Biology)

BBC bitesize Single Science (Chemistry)

BBC bitesize Single Science (Physics)


We also recommend youtube channels by the following:

Primrose Kitten


Science with Hazel

If you wish to find out more about the curriculum your daughter is studying, please contact Miss Rudkin.

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