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Summer School

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

This year NSG were proud to offer a Summer School programme for the first week of the Summer Holidays for our new students starting in September. Over 80 students, including some of our current Y7s, participated in a successful and creative week of activities. 


The whole week was based around the theme of "Let the adventure begin." English and Maths lessons were provided each morning to help prepare our new students for the jump from primary to secondary school. Science, Art, Music, Textiles and R.E. lessons made up our afternoon sessions, all based around our theme and with the intent of producing creative and inventive ideas to present at the end of the week. We were delighted to have Tigers' Trust deliver football sessions for the girls and our midweek trip to Dearne Valley was full of teamwork, confidence building and abseiling. Our Summer School Showcase was conducted virtually and had a wonderful parental attendance, giving the students a platform to demonstrate their work throughout the week, including presentations on biodiversity, live music and the Summer School banner, which includes contributions from every Summer School attendee.


We are incredibly proud of our students and of all staff involved who were committed, professional and went above and beyond to facilitate a successful Summer School 2021


An outline of the costings for Summer school are detailed below:


Staff Costs - £7,890

Resources - £3,037.64

Trip - £3,870

Transport - £2,301.90

Catering - £589.42


Total spend


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