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KS4 - Dance

KS4 - Option - Performing Arts (Dance)

BTec Performing Arts with Dance


Creativity, risk, interpretation and emotional discovery are the basic building blocks to the performing arts, and no more so than in Dance and Drama at NSG. In these subjects students are nurtured into being self-confident enough to be able to access every part of the creative process to enable them to fulfil their maximum potential through the creative journey and ultimately in the performance of their own work. This process is repeated throughout the course of study to enable artistic growth and personal development.

The students get the opportunity to study professional repertoire from different styles and medium. This can be in the in the form of film, video, live performances and written text. Professional repertoire is used to explore the performing arts and the many faceted areas of jobs within the industry. It is also studied to give insight to the students on how work is created, developed and ultimately performed at a professional standard in both disciplines of dance and drama. Students will also need to recreate set pieces from these chosen works. This course also develops the student’s social, moral, spiritual and cultural sides of their education through discussion and research into these sides of the performing arts. This allows them to access a much deeper way of working creatively and interpretively giving them the skills to succeed in the creative world.


  • To understand how the performing Arts industry works.

  • To understand the roles and responsibilities of the Dancer/ Actor and the Choreographer/Director

  • To provide students with the opportunity to improve their skills and techniques in all dance and drama genres studied.

  • To recognise what is involved in the creative journey of a piece of work, from conception to performance

  • To increase higher thinking orders in creating and interpreting of theirs and others work.

  • To learn the appropriate skills to enhance self-confidence and resilience, with the ability to succeed in solo projects, or as part of a team

  • To nurture and improve talent and knowledge of the Arts in its entirety, discovering the Arts as a very successful, national and global industry.

‘Creativity is contagious, pass it on’. Albert Einstein

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